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all of the services and/or files provided at are provided 'as is', this is, without any other warranty than 'good and/or fair will', so, use them at your own risk, will not be accountable for any kind of problems derived from their usage, you've been warned.

most of the stuff at is covered by open source licenses like the GNU General Public License (GPL) and thus its usage, modification and/or distribution is permitted under certain circumstances or are files which were made publicly available by their respective owners. does not provide neither promote any kind of support for piracy and/or illegal activities.

unless other way explicitly specified itself does not hold neither claim any kind of ownership and/or copyright over this files, all those rights bellow to their respective parts in each case. the original packaging and credits of all files were tried to be preserved as much as possible in each case.

the service is provided as a 'mirror' service to this files with the intention of ensuring and preserving their availability, it's not intention to be a replacement for their original distribution channels. does not charge any amount of money for the distribution of this files, such distribution is totally free of charge.

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