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if you come from/for the Quake III Arena UnFreeZe game servers please have a look at

hey hello all

if you're reading this please be welcome to the website and now let me introduce you to

currently consists of the following stuff:

  • some public servers for the Urban Terror, Open Arena and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory games
    • all of them FREEWARE (real FULL free games not "free"/pay to play/more) games
  • and last but not least all the behind scenes ingredients required for this to work

regarding the website let you know that basically it just consists in a pack of articles distributed across categories and subcategories. they mainly talk about gaming, the game servers hosted at, and also a small casual blog about everyday tech issues.

you can check out the categories on the horizontal main menu on top of the page, if you let the mouse over one of the menu items it will show you the articles and subcategories for that category. on the right of the page you also have the most relevant stuff summarized.

included in the page is the ability to leave comments and a contact form under the contact us tab for you to DIRECTLY contact optionally, you can as well create an account for a better usage of the site so feel free to create one and also feel free to register and start your own topic at the board.

finally on the right top you have the search module ready to help you find what you're looking for quickly and bellow it, paypal links for you to CONTRIBUTE ("donate") money for the services in case you feel like it.

I believe that that's all, overall the site tries to follow a simple (yet fully functional) secure responsive (minimalist) design.

thanks for visiting it, have fun


0 # Esteban 2018-08-15 08:27
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