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hello all

so as everybody can see, and may be you already clicked, just bellow the right upper corner there are PayPal links for you to contribute ("donate") money for the services in case you just feel like it.

so, first things first, though PayPal writes about "donating", that's how PayPal is designed, by clicking on the PayPal links you are not giving money for a charity and/or humanitarian cause, you are just sending money directly to let's make that clear and also note that does not sell any kind of services or anything at all and even if it would, in a future, it would use other means different from those links, so that's the purpose of those links alone.

cleared that point I'm not going to tell you here that you have to contribute or if not this or that or just even simply that you should contribute, no, I believe that that's totally up to you and I'm totally fine about it. what I will write here is just why contribute in case you finally decide to.

let's be honest, things have a price, every material thing in this life have a price so in the end, even in more or less amount, but we all need some money, it's a fact. so by contributing money for you'll help to keep alive a cool and free project build by users for users and most important, help it grown. I know that by now may look like small thing and yeah it may be the case but hey keep in mind that they are mostly original things built from scratch and I'm sure that we all love the open source/freeware touch.

so I believe that if you're just a casual at any of the servers you would like to see new better and bigger servers and I'm sure that everybody wants to see more and better articles at this site and, who knows, maybe even some more services in general. also think that all this would be awesome if would really stick for the long term, I believe that we all want that.

finally keep in mind that by contributing to the project you're not doing you a favor to yourself, you're helping everybody to keep enjoying the services and help them improve, so do not expect any other "benefits" as "exchange" for your contribution.

also note that since you are not purchasing anything, you can not ask for your contribution to be refunded at a later time, therefore, before make a contribution, always make sure that you contribute the right amount and that you won't regret it later.

thank you for your time and if after this you finally decide to contribute bellow (as well as bellow the right upper corner) you have the links where you can make it:

PayPal: | personal

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