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hi everybody

please be welcome to the official page for the Open Arena Server hosted at and now let me introduce it to you.

the Open Arena Server hosted at runs on the version 0.8.8 (latest version at the moment) of the full freeware game Open Arena. you have a direct download link for you to get a copy of the full game for free right here. it does not require any installation just extract (unzip) that file and run the game from there, no other files are required.

among the features introduced with Open Arena, there's VOIP and IPV6 support, so the server actually has dual protocol support, thus the connection details are as follow:

  • hostname:
  • IPV4:
  • IPV6: 2001:41d0:8:c60b:5:135:189:11
  • port: optional (default 27960)

the easiest and recommended way is obviously just use the hostname,, however you can specify the ip (either v4 or v6) directly if you want. since the port is the default you don't need to specify it when connecting. if you have ipv6 connectivity, make sure to check your ipv6 connectivity by connecting to the server, to ensure that you are using ipv6 instead of ipv4 connect directly via connect command using the server ipv6 address.

the server itself is just a good classic Capture the Flag (ctf) server featuring small maps, fast games and a bunch of bots for you to have fun. I believe that by now we're all well familiar with ctf but well in case you're new with the ctf gametype I'll briefly explain it here. ctf is just a goal team based game type in which to score a point "all" you have to do is get the enemy flag (typically from the enemy team base) and take it to your own base to get it together with your own flag. the basic rule with the flag is that a flag carried by a player who gets killed stays at that point of the map for 30 seconds until it returns automatically to the base if a enemy team player doesn't pick it up first or a team player doesn't return it first either.

about the bots, really, give them a chance, obviously, they are never going to replace what would be human play but, hey, after all I think that they fit the server pretty good. also when you play with them don't forget that they take commands so command them with tasks to archive team work, they are waiting for that.

as for the maps, Open Arena doesn't come with lots of maps for ctf and much less for a small ctf server like this one, it contains some of them which are pretty good but, unfortunately, most of them are just way too big or fancy. I tried to sort the best and most appropriate for the game while also keeping some variation (it makes no sense to do a 1 map server) unfortunately I don't really see many more than that. anyways for your convenience in case you can think on some others feel free to suggest them in this thread here at the server board but please, keep it high quality.

so, overall I think it's a great server just to hang out and have some exciting ctf fun, definitively a must check server if you're a Open Arena player. and that's it basically at this page, in the long term I'll be looking forward into integrating live servers status into the site, but for now you can have a look at the gametracker page for the server here for live stats of the server. finally also let you know that there's actually set a board space (a forum) for the server here, so make sure to check that out too and participate.

for any further help, problem, suggestion or any other thing just leave a comment or drop a message via the contact page at this site.

and please as always have fun and enjoy the game :)

UPDATE: I finally removed the rotation and made the server oasago2 24/7, it seems that the other maps wasn't doing it for anybody.

NOTE: since the server runs a modded items system if you experience weirdness picking up items at this server, just try doing cg_predictItems 0 in your console. for this or other problems and/or if you have any suggestion about the server please check this thread.

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