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eo hi everybody

please be welcome to the official page for the OaFreeZe Game Server and now let me introduce it to you.

the OaFreeZe Game Server is the freeware version of the popular Quake III Arena Unlagged Freeze server, UnFreeZe. it runs on the version 0.8.8 (latest version at the moment) of the full freeware game Open Arena. you have a direct download link for you to get a copy of the full game for free right here. it does not require any installation just extract (unzip) that file and run the game from there.

tough the page for the server is hosted here at, for convenience the game server itself was left together with its non-free counterpart and it's not hosted within this site. its current ip:port for connect are

in order to play here the mechanics are like in traditional server side only Quake III Arena mods, no download is required only the full version 0.8.8 of Open Arena is required to play it, you just should know that simply the team deathmatch gametype here gets mapped to the Freeze gametype (more info the freeze gametype bellow) and for the rest the client game just works normal as in any other place.

although totally optional if you just intend to play at the server is highly recommended to download the custom OaFreeZe client game mod. it's just a direct adaptation for Open Arena of the very same UnFreeZe client, it tries to improve and address some of the game weakness like models and visuals and, while is nothing ground breaking, I think it just does its job at least to some extend. you should definitively at least give it a try, you have it available to download here. for installation instructions and more info just unzip that file and take a look at the included txt.

about the gametype, is freeze, which for those new or unfamiliar with it, freeze is just a team based game type where each team must have all the other team players death at the same time in order to score a point. it's like any other traditional elimination game, the difference here is that once you get killed your body instead of disappear, and you have to wait until the next team point to spawn again, it stays frozen and you have a chance to spawn again in the same team point if a team mate "unfreeze" (hence the "freeze" game type name) you. finally, to unfreeze a team mate all you have to do is just stay near a frozen body of a team mate for 3 seconds.

as for the maps, Open Arena comes with lots of maps, I tried to sort the best and most appropriate for the game I could think of and while it's possible I missed some I think in general that should be it more or less. anyways for your convenience in case you can think on some others feel free to suggest them in this thread here at the server board but please, keep it short and keep in mind that suitable maps here are open dungeon short size classic good textured maps.

overall I think it's a great server and definitively it serves as a custom maps version for the standard UnFreeZe server. and that's it basically, in the long term I'll be looking forward into integrating live servers status into the site, but for now you can have a look at the gametracker page for the server here for live stats of the server. finally also let you know that there's actually set a board space (a forum) for the server here, so make sure to check that out too and participate.

for any further help, problem, suggestion or any other thing just leave a comment or drop a message via the contact page at this site.

and please as always have fun and enjoy the game :)


0 # Laminek 2017-02-09 11:10
Very funny server :) Why not change maps "callvote"? Thanks
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+1 # 2017-02-09 15:51
hello, glad to hear you like it :)) sorry but I know well from experience that callvote for popular public servers like this one is evil, so I won't enable it sorry. anyways, I believe that you came here from the UnFreeZe server rather than the OaFreeZe one, what you can do instead is discuss about the map rotation at this thread here. check it out
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0 # 2017-09-11 22:29
btw report here that late past month (August 2017) due to lack of interest this OaFreeZe server was discontinued and then replaced by the UnFreeZe2 server running in Quake 3 Arena. at the moment it runs on custom maps feel free to check it out if you have Quake 3 installed.

UnFreeZe2 at
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