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as for the OaFreeZe code, is the very same as the UnFreeZe one, this is, the latest 1.32 Quake III Arena game source plus the unlagged technology by Neil “haste” Toronto, the freeze gametype by Darrell "Doolittle" Bircsak and a custom flavor of excessive rocket arena 3 by running in good old Quake III Arena 1.32b engine code plus, obviously both, with added compatibility code for Open Arena 0.8.8.

as said, it has been tested to work with the version 0.8.8 of the free game Open Arena and it has already been running for quite some time without problems however is to note that as with any freeware code it comes without any warranty other than that.

currently only the client side has been released so in case you're interested in its source code you can get the mentioned compatibility code added to the original UnFreeZe client code in this differences patch file here. theoretically such a code should also work in a regular Quake III Team Arena installation provided that you have the appropriate files (client/server) or with minimal/trivial changes, i.e. Open Arena in practice.

you can get the original UnFreeZe client code where to apply the differences patch here.


0 # ADK 2017-02-05 21:44
sorry i try it but dont work 10 years no q3 Engine use :-x
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0 # 2017-02-06 00:50
hehe no problem those are source code files, i.e. development stuff to modify the game and stuff like that and not stuff to be installed. most likely you was looking for this binary file instead (works with regular openarena as well). you had it to download at the previous post (the introduction)
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