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hi everybody

please be welcome to the official page for the Urban Terror Server hosted at and now let me introduce it to you.

the Urban Terror Server hosted at runs on the version 4.3.2 of the full freeware game Urban Terror. you have a direct download link for you to get a copy of the full game for free right here. it does not require any installation just extract (unzip) that file and run the game from there, no other files are required.

the ip:port to connect is just this one here at and the port is 27959, thus the pair is or you can just use its dns instead of the ip number,

the server is just the good typical Team Deathmatch (tdm) server, not really many explanations about the game type here, basically all you have to do is kill as much players of the enemy team as you can. just be aware that compared to other idtech3 games this one, without being a simulator, is a bit more "realistic" so it features things like stamina and team damage, so watch out with shooting your team mates, you'll get kicked for team killing. also make sure to review the controls so you bind the reload and bandage keys at least among other things who differ from traditional Quake 3.

as for the maps, definitively one of the best things (beside that is free) in Urban Terror are its maps, Urban Terror actually contains plenty of very good quality maps, so after take a good time digging them I tried to sort out just the best mix of them, trying to include just enough quantity, quality and variation. overall I think that everything here depends on personal tastes but generally speaking I would say that the rotation came out pretty solid. for your convenience there's this thread here at the server board where you can vote for your favorite maps and/or request changes in the rotation, so make sure to participate.

so, that's it, overall I think it's a really fun server where to have some fast and direct action without worrying too much specially for central european players of any skill level. in the long term I'll also be looking forward into integrating live servers status into this site, but for now you can have a look at the gametracker page for the server here for live stats of the server. finally also let you know that there's actually set a board space (a forum) for the server here, so make sure to check that out too and participate.

for any further help, problem, suggestion or any other thing just leave a comment or drop a message via the contact page at this site.

and please as always have fun and enjoy the game :)


0 # SK&TKisGOOD 2018-03-15 22:03
Hi. Is there anything you can do to get players who regularly kill their own team?

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0 # 2018-03-15 23:07
hello, the server already has a four max teamkill kick rule that I believe that it should work for that and if it's just some random idiot in particular I can also ban him if needed.
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0 # SK&TKisGOOD 2018-03-16 10:48
Yes, he is thrown out of the server, but not banned. Thanks to this, it connects again and does the same. It's always like this. There are those who regularly do it. They deal damage, but do not kill, so they can be on the server for much longer.
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0 # 2018-03-16 12:56
yes I understand, I'll see if later I can watch the server and catch at least the most flagrant ones and ban them and on the future I'll also be looking forward strengthen that feature. thanks for report mate
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0 # SK&TKisGOOD 2018-03-16 13:22
You're welcome
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