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hi everybody

please be welcome to the official page for the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Server hosted at and now let me introduce it to you.

the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Server hosted at runs on the version 2.60 (latest version at the moment) of the full freeware game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. aside from the operative system you have basically two options to get the game, since the game is actually pretty old it was "repackaged recently", so the first option is just to get the supposedly current "official" all-in-one packages from splash damage for your operative system, they include in addition to the latest version of the original game files, latest version of punk buster plus its activation files, all in one nice install able package. or the second option is just go for the old original idsoftware packages and install and/or update from there as you need and in my opinion, this second option is the recommended one, not only punk buster is not really of any help anymore (and you can always just install it later anyways) that overall I believe that you'll get a cleaner and better installer. anyways, on the table down bellow you have direct download links to these files, choose which one you prefer for your operative system.


WolfET 2.60 "All-In-One" Original
Windows WolfET_2_60b_custom.exe WolfET.exe
Mac OS X WolfET.2.60d.dmg Wolfenstein ET.2.60d.dmg


and please note that if you chose the original packages (actually recommended) and your operative system is either Windows or Linux (the most common) make also sure to get the latest official update 2.60b from idsoftware here. to install that small update just extract that file (unzip it) and copy/move its relevant contents into your installation path replacing (overwriting) any existing files that may already exist.

the ip:port to connect is just this one here at and the port is 27961, thus the pair is or you can just use its dns instead of the ip number, the code for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is based on the idtech3 (Quake III Team Arena) code base, this one with a bit higher system requirements due to its bigger assets, however, overall expect it to run on similar performance compared to other related idtech3 games. you should also be familiar by now with most of its basic configuration and console.

now coming to the game itself, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a really complex game, it definitively marked a departure from the usual hard to master/easy to play game style of most classic fps games and introduced lots of elements that became the foundation of most modern fps games now days. so, before play is a real must that you learn yourself at least the basics about the game mechanics, other way most likely you'll just find yourself lost at it.

it's well outside the scope of this article to really be a detailed and in-depth guide to the game, there's actually lots of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory guides out there, however a good starting point is its official manual. you can view it online here or if you prefer you can just download it from here instead to view it locally. to view the manual just extract that file (unzip it), browse to its wolfguide folder and "run" (double click on) the default.htm file, then the manual should pop out in your browser. either way in this article I'll try to summarize and put together at least the basic things you should know to get started with the game.

the game is ambiented in the World War II and is a objective based game divided in two sides, guess it, the allies and the axis. it introduces some realist elements such as, stamina (power) and weapon reload along with opening doors and other things, so make sure to review your controls and bind at least the basic stuff you're going to need to play the game.

along with each side the game also introduces different player classes and some "leveling" trough game "experience". before you can spawn in the game you spawn in the limbo (dead) screen where you have to chose which player class (as well as your weaponry) you want to be (and carry with you) and for which side. without going into too much detail you have a brief enumeration and description of the classes in the following table:


Player Class Main Task/Description
Soldier is the battle force of the team and they can use any weapon
Medic medics play a important role, they supply the team with medikits and they can even revive their fallen team mates
Enginieer engenieers are fundamental pieces of any team, they construct facilities as well as can fuse/defuse dynamite to take down/prevent enemy objectives
Field Ops play a supporting role, they provide the team with ammo packs and can call for special forces raids
Covert Ops play a secondary role, they help the team infiltrate the enemy lines by opening locked doors (when camouflaged) and covering it in smoke screens


once in the game the game type here is called campaign, a campaign is just basically a set (a "rotation") of missions ("maps"). to win each mission one of the sides has to fulfill its objectives ("attack") while the enemy side has to do exactly the opposite ("defend"), i.e. prevent the enemy side from fulfilling its objectives for the duration of the mission (typically half an hour). of all the standard missions except for railgun the "attacking" side are the allies and the "defending" side the axis.

you earn experience points (XP) by helping your team fulfill each of its mission objectives, one of the ways of help is by killing for example, however keep in mind that the objective of the game is not about which side killed the most players or even which side earned the most XP. I'm not going to go in detail here about every objective in each mission, you have that at the limbo screen when you connect so first make sure to check that out and review which ones have been already fulfilled and which ones are still left. if you're totally new a good strategy can be to just spec for a while and take a look at what's really going on but to get an idea basically they just go from stealing axis radio parts or destroying axis tank cannons to break into the axis lines with tank force going trough the axis loading up and firing the railgun.

by earning XP you level up your player and then gain access to new abilities and/or improve your current ones. XP is carried from one mission to another but it's cleared after each campaign. and well I think that that's all for the game, I think that all that basically sums up what you need to know to get started in few words.

as for the missions included in the server campaign, I believe that there's no discussion here, it contains all the standard missions except fueldump and battery as those missions are clearly biased (unbalanced). yes, I'm aware that there's actually a couple of mods for those ones, anyways, that's the way they were originally designed and either way they keep being biased. also for convenience goldrush was replaced by oasis, yeah goldrush is one of the best missions definitively, but unfortunately at the moment it doesn't actually fit the current games.

also a important part of the game are the bots, at least by now specially. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory does not come with bot support so the server features added custom bot support from the omni-bot project. after quite some time spent tuning it trying to simulate a "average" online player, I think that after all it finally came out pretty decent, so check it out and let me know. and do not worry about the custom bot support, there's no download required to play other than the game itself (the files posted above).

so basically I think that that's all with this server, ideally it should be a great place for some serious multiplayer games, specially in the central european zone, in practice, at the moment, well, it's a great place for beginners to get started and familiarize with the game and even for some regulars to do some tactical training. in the end Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a game that definitively every online gamer should have played at least once, after all, is just free. in the long term I'll also be looking forward into integrating live servers status into this site, but for now you can have a look at the gametracker page for the server here for live stats of the server. finally also let you know that there's actually set a board space (a forum) for the server here, so make sure to check that out too and participate.

for any further help, problem, suggestion or any other thing just leave a comment or drop a message via the contact page at this site.

and please as always have fun and enjoy the game :)

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